Kervin C. Banks

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Kervin C. Banks - Superintendent

Kervin is the General Superintendent of Grassland Enterprises, Inc. with over twenty-five (25) years of commercial, industrial, and residential electrical experience. He’s the professional that manages Grassland Enterprises large commercial projects division.

Kervin’s extensive electrical experience mandates exceptional Craftsmanship results, finishing projects on time and under budget. Adept in performing electrical installations, maintenance, and repairs; knowledgeable in all areas of the National Electrical Code; and excel in analyzing and solving problems with various electrical controls and systems.

Kervin’s work experience includes: Medical Institutions (New Construction), Correctional Institutions (New Construction), Hotel/Multi Family Applications (New Construction), Educational Institutions (New Construction), and Office/Warehouse (New Construction).




Electrical Systems & Controls Electrical Code
Installations & Maintenance Safety
Blue Prints & Schematics Wiring Diagrams/Circuitry
Generators & Transformers Troubleshooting
Devices & Electrical Panels Motors & Conduit Installation


over twenty-five (25) years of commercial, industrial, and residential electrical experience

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